Wednesday, April 22, 2020

When 4 kilos of vegetables and 40 rotis were eaten, then the friend's wife insulted him like this

The real name of the WWE Wrestler of Indian origin, known as The Great Khali, is Dilip Singh Rana. He used to work in Punjab Police before coming to wrestling. Khali's chest is not 63 inches, but 63 inches. Well you will know a lot, but today we will tell you some interesting things related to Khali, which you will not know.

The Great Khali is completely opposite to the rest of the wrestlers in terms of food and drink. Are purely vegetarian. If they stay away from non-veg, they do not even touch alcohol. Khali's record in the case of doping is very clean. Never even used tobacco. Khali drinks 10 liters of milk, 20 boiled eggs, 5 glasses of mixed juice and 5 glasses of pomegranate juice every evening. His diet is the real secret of his health.

There was a time when Khali had to embarrass his friend's house because of his diet. Actually, it is something that Khali once stayed as a guest at the house of a special friend, but when he sat down to eat, seeing the view of the dining table, his friend's wife's mercury became high.

Khali ate 40 loaves in 10 minutes. Drilled 8 bowls of dal with 4 kg of vegetables. This whole meal was made by his friend's wife for the whole family, who Khali ate alone. So the friend's wife told the husband - never take them back. Khali had heard this thing and he felt very bad at that time and he was also embarrassed for this habit.

Tell that Khali had a lot of money at the beginning of his career, but today he is the most famous in the world of wrestling due to his ability. The Great Khali today owns a property worth $ 6 billion.

Khali may be an international star, but he sometimes used to break stones. The women of Khai's village, Dhirana, used to get them to do a lot of work. During this time, Khali got the attention of Police Officer Bhullar and he got admitted in Punjab Police.

Khali has opened his own wrestling school in Punjab, after retiring from professional wrestling, Khali is now living a beautiful life in India with his wife Harminder Kaur.
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