Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Corona patient's uproar in Safdarjung Hospital for hours, said - If I come closer I will cut my hand and sprinkle blood

There was a commotion in the balcony of the third floor for about two and a half hours. After the hard work the fire personnel found control over the head. Sometimes a mentally deranged person sometimes looks right.

safdarjung hospital
new Delhi. 'Am corona positive. Whoever dares to come closer, will cut his hand and sprinkle blood on him. ' These few alphans of a mad man put up a furore in Safdarjung Hospital campus on Sunday. The show lasted for about two and a half hours. He had climbed into the third floor balcony of a ward in Sirfira Hospital. After nearly two and a half hours of effort, this maniacal man should be handed over to the police after the hard work of Delhi Fire Service employees.

This information was given by Delhi Fire Service Director Atul Garg. He added, "The fire control room was reported at around three o'clock in the afternoon. According to the information, a person has climbed into the third floor terrace balcony of ward number 29 of Safdarjung Hospital."

According to Atul Garg, "It is also said that the person on the balcony is saying that he is corona positive. Also saying that no one should try to get close to him. Who would dare to come close and bite his hand over him Will sprinkle his blood. When we got the information, our teams along the high stairs reached the spot, even then that unknown person was doing the same kind of actions. "

 #WATCH Delhi: Man attempted to commit suicide by jumping off floor 3 of Safdarjung Hospital today, saying he's COVID positive & if anyone comes close to him he'll cut his hand. He was seen spitting at authorities as they attempted to rescue him. He was rescued. (Note: Abusive language)

5:44 PM - Apr 19, 2020
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After nearly two and a half hours of effort, the Delhi fire service personnel were able to take down that head. Police, who arrived at the scene, have come to know that the person caught is about 44 years old. He is originally from West Bengal.

The police is trying to find out how a man who is a man has gone to the third floor balcony in Safdarjung Hospital. While the security personnel provided by the contractor of the private security company are posted 24 hours a day on the hospital.

According to the police, "Sometimes the person seems to have a weak mind. Sometimes he feels fine. He is being questioned at the moment. The police is also investigating if this man is mentally weak Then how does he know about the danger of corona. Also how does he know that, if he splashes his blood on anyone, then any person can get corona infected by his blood drops. "
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