Wednesday, April 22, 2020

LockDown 2.0 rules apply, know what will be open and closed, where relief can be possible after April 20

LockDown 2.0 Guideline: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the lockdown till May 3, the guidelines have been issued by the Union Home Ministry. All work related to farming is exempted. At the same time, face covering has been made compulsory while leaving the house. Masks are not necessarily worn. Those who will spit on the streets and move around unnecessarily, strict action will be taken, fines will be charged. School colleges, factories, restaurants will remain closed as before. All types of traffic i.e. rail, road and airlines will be closed. Curfew-like situation will continue throughout the country and people are not allowed to leave the house. However essential services will continue. Temples and other religious places will not be able to be opened till 3. The good thing is that in areas where new cases of coronas will not come up, after 20 th, the situation may gradually become normal. Necessary services including mechanic, plumber can be restored here. Know the big things of the guideline-
All officers to the District Magistrate for strict compliance
- Ban on all types of events including wedding, marriage, birthday party. Prohibition on political events. Ban on private events too.
- Permissions have been granted in construction works with conditions. Farmers in rural areas are exempted. People will have to work in the office wearing masks. In the offices where work is still being done, arrangements will have to be made to check the temperature of the employees.
- Advice to children over 65 years of age and below 5 years of age not to move out of homes.
- In emergency, a person can sit in the back seat along with a driver on a two wheeler and in a car. Remember this exemption is only for emergency.
- Those who violate the quarantine will be prosecuted under section 188. The District Magistrate has been given all the powers in this regard.
- Concession has been given to the agricultural sector. Similarly, work will continue in essential industries, but other industries will remain closed.
Bank branches, APM, postal service will be operational. Online Teaching and Distinguished Learning will be encouraged.
These services will continue
Doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, media persons, police and security forces are not allowed to come and go.
Hospitals, government offices engaged in services related to Corona.
LPG agencies, petrol pumps, food supply chains (wholesale, retail stores and mandis, but with conditions)
Pathology lab
No restriction on trucks carrying essentials.
In areas that have not been declared dangerous, people can go out for essentials. Although wearing a mask is necessary.
These services will remain closed
Rail, road and air traffic.
Factories with non-essential items.
Gym, Swimming Pool, Theater, Mall, Multiplex, Public Park, Market
Stopping exit of people at hot stop locations. The government will deliver essential things to the home.
What will happen after April 20
The government has said that there will be relaxation in areas where the situation will improve. Exemption of companies related to agriculture, fisheries and pharma will be increased.
Dhabas can be opened on the highway. Truck repairing will be allowed on the highway itself.
Permission to start construction work with conditions possible.
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