Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lockdown 2: Read new guidelines, Freight and construction work exemption from today

A policeman instructing the man who came out of the house during the lockdown.
In its order on the concessions to be given from Monday, the Home Ministry has said that people should be given exemption during lockdown only after assessing the actual circumstances. While moving migrant laborers to their homes, the authorities should follow the social distance law in them, after which they can get involved in the permitted economic activities in their home area. But no discount will be given in the hotspot.
New guideline from today ...
In areas with no hotspots, the movement of goods by rail, road and sea will be allowed from interstate and within the state from Monday. In addition, vehicles should have two drivers and a helper. Empty vehicles have been approved for supply of goods.
At the same time, retail and wholesale shops will be open for essential goods. Large brick and mortar stores will open. Dhabas and truck repair shops along the highway will open. Movement of staff workers will be allowed for essential services. In addition, many services are conditionally permitted.
Commuting to and from work sites
Approval of private vehicles carrying emergency medicine and essential items.
Approval of leaving only one person in the back seat apart from the driver in the car
Only those who drive it in two wheelers are allowed. Can not put anyone back.
The ban on cab services will continue till May 3.
There will be a discount for commuting to the office.
Medical and online educational activities

Allowed to conduct online activities for all educational services including teaching, training and coaching.
MNREGA work, irrigation and water conservation a priority. Workers have to use facemask and follow social distance.
Supply of oil and gas, electricity, postal services, water, sanitation, waste management, telecommunications and internet services will be allowed.
Hospitals, nursing homes, telemedicine facilities, drug and medical equipment shops and dispensaries.
Allowing the movement of all medical personnel, scientists, nurses, para medical staff, lab technicians, including doctors.
Registration of migrant laborers required

Migrant laborers must register with the local authority so that they can be given work according to their skills.
If a group of migrant laborers wants to return to their place of work, it will be sent to the place of work only after investigation.
It is necessary to follow social distance while traveling by bus. The buses through which they will be transported will have to be sanitized.
The guidelines issued on 15 April need to be strictly followed.
It will be the responsibility of the local administration to provide food and water to the laborers during their visit.
Farmers strengthen farming, crop sales and animal husbandry
Sanction of work done in the field, permission for the functioning of agencies related to procurement of crops.
Farming machinery shops, related centers, fertilizers and seeds.
Permission of APMC mandis. Direct buying and selling of products, harvesting and sowing of seeds.
Fish farming, fish processing and sale, fishery and commercial fisheries.
Only 50 per cent workers are allowed to plant tea, coffee and rubber plantations.
Work like animal husbandry, sale and distribution of milk and milk products, arranging shelter for animals.
Banks, ATMs to be opened, support for elderly and disabled

Financial Sector: RBI and RBI controlled financial markets and IT related personnel will be exempted for assets, bank, ATM and banking operations. SEBI and capital and loan market services as well as IRDAI and insurance companies have been allowed to operate.
Social sector: There will be relaxation in activities for children, differently abled, elderly, including home care centers and care homes. Social security such as pension, payment of PF by EPFO ​​and Anganwadi will be exempt from the ban.
commercial Services
Print and electronic media are exempted. In addition, IT services have been allowed to operate with 50 per cent employee capacity.
Data and call centers have also been allowed for government activities. The functioning of common facilities at the panchayat level is exempted.
E-commerce companies, courier services, cold storage and warehouses have also been approved.
Discounts for personal security and facility management services, hotel and hospitality services.
Exemption for self-employed people to build quarantine facilities and electricians, plumbers etc.
Exemption to SEZs and Export Units

Industrial units operating in rural areas will get clearances, special economic zones and export oriented units, industrial areas and industrial settlements will get exemption.
Permission granted to companies or factories producing essential services, also to food processing units and jute factories. Approval for coal and mineral production as well as oil and gas refinery.
It has also been approved to run brick kilns in the villages. Construction works including roads, irrigation projects, renewable energy projects and construction projects in municipal corporations.
These will be banned
Stopping trips, hotels, cinema halls, malls.
The hotspots, only the state, union territory or district administration, will mark the infected areas.
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