Wednesday, April 22, 2020

25 crore donation given to Akshay Kumar is very heavy, PM is killing everyone

Akshay Kumar was one of the few who went ahead and donated his share to the Corona Relief Fund. Akshay Kumar announced that he is donating Rs 25 crore aid to the Prime Minister for PM Cares Fund.

But since then Akshay Kumar has been heard only taunting everywhere. Some said that this step of Akshay Kumar was completely political, then someone said that it is just an attempt to do good PR.


At the same time, some stars like Varun Dhawan made it clear that in addition to the PM, they would donate to the CM's aid fund as well, because Akshay gave the entire amount to the PM's support fund.

Now Akshay Kumar does not know where the mistake happened, but since then he has to listen to all kinds of things from every corner of Bollywood. And these things are not good to hear.

Have got taunts

Significantly, as soon as Akshay Kumar announced that he has donated 25 crores to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, he got taunts from all around. Many people quipped that they deliberately announced their donation to become bigger.

Amitabh Bachchan's taunt

Amitabh Bachchan has been taunting that there are some people who give and tell that they gave so much and there are others who do not even give how much they gave. I always like to be in the second category.

Taunt again and again

Amitabh Bachchan mentioned this on his Twitter not once. Singer Sona Mohapatra also tweeted in a tweet that he did not like to use his PR for how much he supported.

Shatrughan Sinha also included

Now Shatrughan Sinha has also joined this list, who recently said that after donating this song how much I have donated, is vulgarity and slutty. This puts the rest of the people under pressure.

People supported

Some people supported Akshay Kumar and praised his donation saying that this announcement will inspire others to donate as well. He received a lot of praise on Twitter and people considered him his hero.

Against some people

At the same time, other people protested that inspiration can be given only by stating that I donated. The need to tell how much I donated is always personal and you want to give importance to yourself, then do such things.

Twitter is divided

Now whether to donate or not and how much to donate or not, whether to tell or not, Twitter and social media have also divided into two parts. But most people believe that it is wrong to disclose the donation amount.

Shahrukh's viral statement

An old statement by Shah Rukh Khan also went viral where he was seen saying that he never talks about his charity virtues in front of everyone because it is written in his Quran that these things should be confined to you only.

Twinkle warning

When Akshay Kumar told that he had donated an amount of Rs 25 crore, Twinkle Khanna tweeted that I asked my husband if we should donate such a huge amount at such a time. But her husband did not hesitate at all and is proud of it.

Many people have not told the amount

Significantly, there are many people in Bollywood who are constantly doing whatever they need to help at their level, but they have neither announced nor disclosed their donation amount. Are helping

Dispute continues

There is still controversy in social media over whether the amount of donation should be disclosed as to how much you have donated? Will it not create a sense of inferiority or competition among others? However, at the moment it is important to see how many people need help and whether that help is reaching them.
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