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गुजरात के इन 4 शहरों में कर्फ्यू के नाम पर कोरोना

गुजरात में गुजरात कोरोना मामला एक बार फिर उल्टा पड़ गया है। शनिवार को, 24 घंटे में 1515 मामले दर्ज किए गए, जो कि गुजरात में सबसे अधिक संख्या है। इसी तरह अहमदाबाद सिटी ने भी एक ही दिन में 354 मामलों का नया रिकॉर्ड बनाया है। नए मामले सूरत और वडोदरा में भी बढ़ रहे हैं। अहमदाबाद शहर में, अस्पतालों में जगह की कमी है।

वर्तमान में, सरकार ने अहमदाबाद में दो दिवसीय कर्फ्यू लगा दिया है। अहमदाबाद के अलावा, सूरत, वड़ोदरा और राजकोट में रात का कर्फ्यू लगाया गया है, लेकिन अब सरकार दिन के दौरान भी इन चार शहरों में कर्फ्यू लगाकर संक्रमण को रोकने की कोशिश कर रही है।

वर्तमान में, अहमदाबाद में सोमवार को सुबह 6 बजे तक कर्फ्यू है और रात का कर्फ्यू उसी दिन से लागू होगा, लेकिन आज शाम तक चार महानगरों में एक दिन का कर्फ्यू भी घोषित कर दिया जाएगा।

केंद्र सरकार द्वारा अनलॉक के लिए जारी की गई गाइडलाइन यह स्पष्ट करती है कि कोई भी राज्य अपनी मर्जी से लॉकडाउन लागू नहीं कर सकता है। इसलिए, गुजरात सरकार इस तरह के कर्फ्यू के नाम पर लगने वाले तालाबंदी के लिए केंद्र से चर्चा कर सकती है।

यह उल्लेख किया जा सकता है कि कोरोना के प्रसार को रोकने के लिए अहमदाबाद में 57 घंटे का कर्फ्यू लगाया गया है। दूसरी ओर, कोरोना वायरस के प्रसार को रोकने के लिए अहमदाबाद और तीन अन्य प्रमुख महानगरों में रात का कर्फ्यू लगाया गया है। फिर भी सौराष्ट्र को कोरोना में संक्रमण दिखाई दे रहा है। आज शाम 6 बजे होने वाली कोर कमेटी की बैठक में सरकार द्वारा लिए जाने वाले फैसले पर सभी की निगाहें हैं।

इसे भी देखें: सूरत में कोरोना वारियर्स की मौत के बाद सम्मान

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 Online colleges have made advanced education more available than any other time. This is extraordinary information for you on the grounds that earning a higher education is probably the best approaches to propel your vocation. 

A portion of the world's best scholarly and expert programs are currently accessible at your fingertips. You can adjust life's competing requests, similar to work and childcare, while finishing your schooling online. 

Utilize the following manual for get familiar with earning an online degree. Find information about cost, the application cycle, and the stuff to prevail at learning from home. 

State governments accept a key part in forming their state's instruction system, from contributing to arranging the state's school instructive designs to apportioning financing. As a segment of its 2019 Best States rankings, U.S.A News sorted out which states outfit their inhabitants with the best training in the country, considering both K-12 and progressed instruction. 


Earthy colored, Stanford, Cornell and Duke colleges balance the best 10. The University of California, Los Angeles remains as the most imperative situated public establishment in joint 25th spot, while Amherst College is the top human sciences school in 20th spot. 


These are as per the following: 

1.Texas : Texas is maybe the best state in the US, so clearly it is home to a huge number of worldwide understudies, around 82,000. One of its schools, The University of Texas at Dallas is situated number 12 on the overview of colleges with the most overall understudies having in excess of 8,000 worldwide understudies. 

2.Massachusetts : despite being maybe the most diminutive state in the US, with only 6 states tinier, it is has practically 60,000 worldwide understudies. Boston University and Northeastern University in Boston, are both arranged in one of the most eminent US metropolitan regions and attract various worldwide understudies to the city. 

3.Pennsylvania : Pennsylvania is another of America's special 13 provinces/states. It was set up by William Penn and isn't the home to somewhat more than 48,000 worldwide understudies. It is in like manner the home to Penn State University and Carnegie Mellon University. 

4.Florida : This is an express various individuals wish to go to, whether or not you are a worldwide understudy or an American. While none of Florida's colleges make the once-over of 20 colleges with the most worldwide understudies, it is home to around 43,000 overall understudies. That is a huge gigantic number! 

5.Ohio : Very almost 38,000 worldwide understudies call Ohio home and a huge a lot of them consider Ohio State University their school. The greatest city in Ohio is Columbus, which is the spot Ohio State is found. On an intriguing note, is that half of America's general population can be found inside a 500 mile clear of Columbus. 


1.UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania was the U.S's. first business school and now has the best graduated class network in the nation. 

Regardless of graduate business degrees, understudies can look after joint degrees, including an energized MBA/J.D. degree in three years related to the Penn Law School; a MBA/M.A. degree in International Studies; and joint degree programs through the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Understudies can also increase a Ph.D. at Wharton, consistently in four to five years, in nine zones including morals and legitimate examinations, assessments and applied budgetary viewpoints. 

2.UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO (BOOTH) - The Booth School of Business at University of Chicago (Booth) offers these work environments and focuses: accounting, financial issues, undertaking, account, general association, by and large business, advancing, the board information structures, creation/tasks the heads, reformist lead, public strategy, and quantitative appraisal/encounters and activities research. Its instructive cost is full-time: $72,000 reliably; low upkeep: $7,200 per credit; and chief: $194,000 total program. At graduation, 87.20 percent of graduated class of the full-time program are utilized. 

3.NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY (KELLOGG) - The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg) offers these work environments and fixations: accounting, budgetary viewpoints, business, money, general association, clinical thought affiliation, movement, publicizing, not-income driven association, creation/tasks the heads, definitive direct, portfolio the board, procedure the chiefs, public strategy, land, quantitative examination/assessments and activities investigation, and innovation.MBA understudies who need to increase extra capacities can in addition search after serious instruction in plan progress through the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science or a J.D. through Northwestern Law School. Several differing Ph.D. programs are likewise accessible, recollecting that one for the heads, affiliations and humanism with the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. 

4.HARVARD UNIVERSITY - Graduate understudies at Harvard Business School get an involved direction through the case framework, which positions dependable with life issues understudies must arrangement with in gatherings. The experiential learning contacts handle study gatherings, in which minimal get-togethers of understudies study existing affiliations, and soaking trips, extraordinary huge loads of study in another nation over winter breaks. 

The Business School at Harvard University offers these divisions and fixations: accounting, guiding, online business, budgetary viewpoints, attempt, morals, uphold, general association, clinical thought affiliation, HR the heads, overall business, authority, gathering and headway the board, publicizing, not-income driven association, creation/tasks the bosses, reformist direct, portfolio the board, technique usage, public strategy, land, sports business, deftly chain the board/joint efforts, quantitative examination/assessments and activities investigation, cost, and advancement. 

5.STANFORD UNIVERSITY – The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University offers these divisions and focuses: accounting, electronic business, cash related points of view, attempt, morals, sponsor, general association, clinical administrations affiliation, HR the bosses, action, amassing and improvement the board, exhibiting, not-income driven association, creation/tasks the heads, definitive lead, portfolio the board, methodology the board, public system, land, sports business, easily chain the bosses/joint efforts, quantitative examination/assessments and activities evaluation, and progression. 

The amount Does Online College Cost? 

There is no uncertainty that an advanced degree pays off - by and large, a male college alumni with a four year certification procures about $900,000 in excess of a secondary school just graduate throughout the span of their lifetime, according to the Social Security Administration, and ladies with a four year college education will acquire about $630,000 more. Individual earnings shift extraordinarily from individual to individual dependent on what level of degree you acquire, sexual orientation, what you study, and what kind of vocation you decide to seek after. 

The expense of a professional education can differ fiercely too. Its a well known fact that educational cost costs have soar over the most recent couple of many years. Online degrees aren't really less expensive than conventional nearby degree programs, however choosing an online degree program can set aside you cash in commuting expenses and materials, and in particular, give you the adaptability to work while you acquire your degree more effectively than if you needed to take classes face to face. 

In-state versus Out-of-State Online Colleges In USA

One of the main reasons that you may be considering an online school is on the grounds that it lets loose you from having to visit a grounds, meaning you could go to school anyplace, paying little mind to where you live or work. This is totally evident, and it implies that you can consider colleges and online degree programs that wouldn't be accessible to you on the off chance that you needed to go to conventional in-person classes. 

Numerous understudies select at public colleges in their own state to meet all requirements for lower in-state educational cost rates. In any case, a few public colleges currently offer in-state educational cost rates to every online understudy, regardless of whether you don't live in a similar state as the school. This can mean savings of thousands of dollars a year, which implies you pay less using cash on hand and take out less credits. On the off chance that you are looking for a degree with an exceptional yield on investment, or are entering a field that doesn't pay a six-figure compensation, do your examination to find out if the program you are interested in can be discovered some place where you meet all requirements for in-state educational cost. 


The USA has a special appeal and has reliably been drawing competent understudies like a magnet. Concentrating abroad in an American school will consider critical academic, master and personal growth, and open up a boundless number of employment openings after graduation. However, there's something else altogether to why understudies generally feel that the U.S. is the Holy Grail of overall progressed schooling. 

We audit many online school programs every year to assist you with finding a school that best addresses your issues. Each positioned school is completely licensed and not-for-profit. Our technique utilizes subjective measures and information gave by the National Center to Education Statistics and restrictive school overviews.

2020 Best Online Colleges in Oregon

2020 Best Online Colleges in Oregon

Contrasted with public midpoints, Oregon has a lower average cost for basic items however a higher pace of joblessness, which indicates a serious work scene. Regardless of whether looking to begin another profession or advance in a current work environment, Oregon occupants can support their resume and range of abilities by pursuing a higher education or endorsement online. 

Online learning offers virtually the entirety of the advantages of grounds based programs - including thorough scholastics, peer interaction, and backing administrations - with added adaptability. Coordinated courses are the most like homeroom learning, with set login times needed to see and partake in live talks or conversations. Nonconcurrent courses permit understudies to get to pre-recorded recordings and course material day in and day out. Instead of meeting eye to eye, understudies draw in with schoolmates and teachers by means of message loads up, email, and at times live video conferencing. 

While educational cost for separation courses remains tantamount to that of nearby courses, online understudies regularly lessen their general costs by utilizing digital books instead of printed copies, living off grounds, and avoiding charges for conveniences like parking grants and dinner plans. At certain schools, out-of-state understudies can even take online classes at the occupant educational cost rate, resulting in a huge number of dollars in savings. 

Selecting a school to go to can be a troublesome choice, yet the decision is frequently particularly complex for online students, whose decisions aren't really restricted by area. Using the following rankings, planned understudies can accumulate significant information regarding school history and culture, program accessibility, uphold administrations, and confirmations systems. Peruse on to find what every one of the best online colleges in Oregon has to bring to the table. 

1. Eastern Oregon University : Eastern Oregon University is a public, state-supported institution situated in La Grande. EOU offers exhaustive schooling alternatives for around 3,000 undergraduate and graduate understudies every year. 

The greater part of all EOU understudies take in any event one class through an adaptable conveyance design, either online or at one of 11 territorial learning communities. Separation students can seek after their four year certification altogether online. EOU offers in excess of 30 majors and minors, including an individualized integrative investigations choice. Accessible graduate programs include a completely online MBA, a completely online ace's in instruction, and two low-residency graduate degrees in teaching and experimental writing, individually. 

First-time green beans must present a finished application, records, and ACT or SAT scores. All candidates must compensation a $50 expense. Forthcoming students from other schools must show a minimum 2.25 GPA on earlier school coursework. State residency doesn't affect online educational cost costs. 

2.Corban University  : Corban University is a private school situated on the edges of the state capital, Salem. The independent Chrisitian university isn't partnered with any one denomination. In excess of 1,000 understudies go to every year, receiving instruction in aesthetic sciences, proficient, and scriptural examinations. 

Outstanding amongst other online colleges in Oregon, Corban gives various choices to undergraduates to alter their program according to their expert objectives. The online business degree offers focuses in accounting, administration and the executives, and marketing, while the online brain research degree offers a fixation in family considers. Understudies may likewise seek after a single man's in interdisciplinary examinations, which takes into consideration a combination of at least two regions of study. 

Forthcoming understudies must give an application, $50 expense, official records, confidence explanation, and a Christian character reference. Corban suggests a minimum secondary school GPA of 2.7 and a minimum 2.0 GPA for adaptable school courses. Per-credit educational cost rates are not affected by state residency. 

3. Southern Oregon University : Situated in Ashland with a satellite grounds in Medford, Southern Oregon University gives profession engaged, complete instruction to in excess of 6,200 understudies every year. This public human sciences institution underlines both hypothetical and experiential learning. 

For online students, SOU offers unhitched male's fulfillment programs, graduate degrees, and post accalaureate support and licensure programs. Business administration contemplates are accessible at the undergraduate and graduate level, featuring fixation alternatives, for example, accounting, the board, marketing, and finance. Different regions of study offered to separate students include youth advancement, criminology and criminal equity, and training. Online courses follow an adaptable nonconcurrent design, allowing for all day, every day access of materials and talks. 

Imminent lone ranger's culmination understudies must fulfill varying general instruction and major-centered essentials. Graduate confirmation requires an aggregate 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credits of undergraduate coursework. Extra necessities may apply depending on program choice. 

4.Portland State University : Situated in the core of downtown Portland, Portland State University enlists in excess of 27,000 understudies every year. This public exploration university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in excess of 100 fields of study, huge numbers of which can be sought after altogether online. 

PSU's online index includes two instructor supports, 20 declarations, 11 four year certifications, and nine graduate degrees. Many different fields are accessible within seven wide disciplines: business, criminology and criminal equity, training, wellbeing, interdisciplinary investigations, social work, and metropolitan and public undertakings. 

Course content follows a nonconcurrent design, albeit ongoing video conferencing is accessible in certain programs. All online understudies get admittance to assets, including online tutoring, vocation advising, technical support, and library administrations. 

Affirmation prerequisites change depending on program determination and understudy status. PSU invites present accurerate understudies looking on seek after a second four year certification or other undergraduate accreditation. Candidates pay a $50-$65 application expense. 

5. Concordia University-Portland : Concordia University-Portland is a private, charitable aesthetic sciences institution partnered with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Roughly 5,800 understudies go to every year. The university framework additionally works a graduate school in Boise, Idaho, extraordinary compared to other online colleges in Oregon, and branch grounds over the state. 

Eminent online programs are accessible in business administration, medical services administration, and country security and crisis the executives. Be that as it may, schooling stands apart as the most exceptionally spoke to online field. Concordia offers two authentications, a single guy's in youth schooling, three ace of training choices, and a specialist of instruction with five focus tracks. Courses are conveyed in an adaptable, nonconcurrent arrangement to give greatest scheduling adaptability. 

Application prerequisites fluctuate according to program choice and understudy status. First-time rookies are not qualified for confirmation, as Concordia's online undergraduate programs require 12-20 adaptable credits. All online students pay a similar educational cost rates paying little heed to state residency.

Top Best Online Colleges In California in 2020

Top Best Online Colleges In California in 2020

 Home to the absolute biggest and most productive organizations in the country, California had a 3.9% joblessness rate in October 2019. This rate - the most minimal in the course of the most recent decade - connotes a solid occupation market. Experts are probably going to find a position a lot quicker than in the midst of high joblessness. 

Also, a portion of the state's biggest work areas (e.g., instruction, business and financial tasks, and the board) highlight normal pay rates that range from $66,050-$135,840 every year. Pay rates in this reach help make up for the state's significant expense of living. 

To find a rewarding and fulfilling vocation in California, you can think about advancing your schooling by earning a degree or declaration at one of the state's best online colleges. Online programs brag numerous favorable circumstances when contrasted with nearby programs. For instance, online students can study in an offbeat arrangement - a shelter for individuals who need to raise a family or work all day. 

Furthermore, numerous online programs highlight astounding understudy uphold administrations (e.g., scholarly and profession counseling, tutoring, and so forth) that are comparable to what nearby students can get to. Understudies additionally take classes from similar instructors who educate nearby courses. 

This ranking features the 25 best online colleges in California. All the schools on this ranking hold territorial accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission - one of the seven provincial accreditation organizations in the U.S. Beneath, you can investigate each school's scholastic programs, uphold administrations, and grant openings, among other information that can assist you with making an informed choice. Also, you can utilize the installed links to visit every institution's site, which contains extra subtleties and contact information. 

2020 Best Online Colleges in California 

1. The Master's University and Seminary : With eight-week courses and an offbeat educational plan, TMU's eight online undergraduate and graduate degrees may engage occupied individuals. Undergraduate programs at this top online university in California gloat liberal exchange credit arrangements, meaning that incoming students can procure a degree in only long term years. Moreover, graduate understudies who take courses in a quickened arrangement can procure a MBA, an ace's in scriptural investigations, or an ace's in training in only one year. 

Online students use Canvas to finish coursework and interact with teachers and companions. TMU offers various IT administrations, for example, help aides and help via telephone. Different assets include a self-administration entryway where understudies can pay educational cost, register for courses, and purchase reading material. 

Alongside secondary school records or GED scores, candidates must present a proclamation of confidence. TMU acknowledges up to 94 exchange credits into its undergraduate programs. Financial guide openings include government awards and credits. TMU utilizes a March 2 financial guide application deadline. 

2. Concordia University-Irvine : Another top online university in California, CUI is partnered with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Online programs at the school include undergraduate and graduate tracks, alongside endorsements. Single guy's offerings include administration examines - a program CUI dispatched in 2019. Furthermore, the university offers an online doctoral program in instructive initiative, which most understudies can finish in three years. 

From the second students enlist, they are banded together with a scholarly guide who remains with them until graduation. The university's four-year vocation improvement plan assists undergraduates with exploring profession openings, apply to internships, and set up a resume. 

Each program utilizes distinctive application prerequisites, and some don't acknowledge GED scores. All candidates ought to submit FAFSA results, and financial guide advocates assist understudies with researching outside grant openings and credits. Students remain qualified for financial guide as long as they remain in great scholastic standing. 

3.California State University-Monterey Bay : Despite the fact that CSUMB offers just three online degrees - including a single guy's in software engineering - the school flaunts a half breed doctor partner program where understudies take a few seminars nearby. The software engineering program acknowledges students who as of now have a partner degree. Furthermore, the ace's in instructional science track gives degree-searchers the alternative to learn in a crossover design. 

CSUMB includes little class sizes, and similar educators who instruct nearby convey online courses. Unhitched male's understudies who actually need to finish general training courses can do so online. 

Application prerequisites at this top online California university differ by program. Candidates to the unhitched male's in software engineering program ought to have satisfactory exchange credit, while ace's program candidates should hold a four year certification. Degree-searchers may fit the bill for an assortment of institutional grants, which range in an incentive from $300-$3,000 every year. 

4.University of La Verne : La Verne's 10 online partner, bachelor's, and ace's programs make the institution an alluring choice for planned students interested in instruction, business, policy management, or innovation. Understudies profit by little class sizes at this top California university, and educators who train online courses additionally instruct students nearby. Moreover, all courses utilize an offbeat educational program. 

Albeit online students may never go to La Verne's grounds, they can even now exploit the university's broad understudy uphold administrations. The Veteran Students Success Program sets veterans with guides educated about financial guide advantages and Veterans Affairs approaches. Likewise, the Office of Career Services and Professional Development drives workshops and assists students with locating internship and vocation openings. 

La Verne necessitates that imminent understudies go to a virtual information meeting and talk with a confirmations consultant. Albeit online students don't meet all requirements for institutional grants, La Verne's site grandstands numerous private grant openings.

5.California State University-San Bernardino : At CSUSB, separation instruction understudies can browse five completely online programs and five half breed programs. Completely online programs include an ace's in criminal equity and an ace's in instructor initiative. Educational plans at this top online California university may utilize a mix of nonconcurrent and coordinated parts, with numerous educators broadcasting addresses live from homerooms in San Bernardino or Palm Spring. Degree-searchers use Blackboard to get to course materials and submit tasks. 

CSUSB highlights a two-year graduation vow for students seeking unhitched male's fulfillment and a four-year graduation promise for incoming first-year understudies. Other understudy administrations include specific scholastic advising. 

Application necessities for online graduate programs include a minimum 2.5 undergraduate GPA, in spite of the fact that CSUSB doesn't need test scores. Understudies in a cross breed graduate program may fit the bill for a graduate assistantship. Other degree-searchers can apply for one of the numerous private grant openings that CSUSB posts on its site.

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When 4 kilos of vegetables and 40 rotis were eaten, then the friend's wife insulted him like this

When 4 kilos of vegetables and 40 rotis were eaten, then the friend's wife insulted him like this
The real name of the WWE Wrestler of Indian origin, known as The Great Khali, is Dilip Singh Rana. He used to work in Punjab Police before coming to wrestling. Khali's chest is not 63 inches, but 63 inches. Well you will know a lot, but today we will tell you some interesting things related to Khali, which you will not know.

The Great Khali is completely opposite to the rest of the wrestlers in terms of food and drink. Are purely vegetarian. If they stay away from non-veg, they do not even touch alcohol. Khali's record in the case of doping is very clean. Never even used tobacco. Khali drinks 10 liters of milk, 20 boiled eggs, 5 glasses of mixed juice and 5 glasses of pomegranate juice every evening. His diet is the real secret of his health.

There was a time when Khali had to embarrass his friend's house because of his diet. Actually, it is something that Khali once stayed as a guest at the house of a special friend, but when he sat down to eat, seeing the view of the dining table, his friend's wife's mercury became high.

Khali ate 40 loaves in 10 minutes. Drilled 8 bowls of dal with 4 kg of vegetables. This whole meal was made by his friend's wife for the whole family, who Khali ate alone. So the friend's wife told the husband - never take them back. Khali had heard this thing and he felt very bad at that time and he was also embarrassed for this habit.

Tell that Khali had a lot of money at the beginning of his career, but today he is the most famous in the world of wrestling due to his ability. The Great Khali today owns a property worth $ 6 billion.

Khali may be an international star, but he sometimes used to break stones. The women of Khai's village, Dhirana, used to get them to do a lot of work. During this time, Khali got the attention of Police Officer Bhullar and he got admitted in Punjab Police.

Khali has opened his own wrestling school in Punjab, after retiring from professional wrestling, Khali is now living a beautiful life in India with his wife Harminder Kaur.

Lockdown 2: Read new guidelines, Freight and construction work exemption from today

Lockdown 2: Read new guidelines, Freight and construction work exemption from today
A policeman instructing the man who came out of the house during the lockdown.
In its order on the concessions to be given from Monday, the Home Ministry has said that people should be given exemption during lockdown only after assessing the actual circumstances. While moving migrant laborers to their homes, the authorities should follow the social distance law in them, after which they can get involved in the permitted economic activities in their home area. But no discount will be given in the hotspot.
New guideline from today ...
In areas with no hotspots, the movement of goods by rail, road and sea will be allowed from interstate and within the state from Monday. In addition, vehicles should have two drivers and a helper. Empty vehicles have been approved for supply of goods.
At the same time, retail and wholesale shops will be open for essential goods. Large brick and mortar stores will open. Dhabas and truck repair shops along the highway will open. Movement of staff workers will be allowed for essential services. In addition, many services are conditionally permitted.
Commuting to and from work sites
Approval of private vehicles carrying emergency medicine and essential items.
Approval of leaving only one person in the back seat apart from the driver in the car
Only those who drive it in two wheelers are allowed. Can not put anyone back.
The ban on cab services will continue till May 3.
There will be a discount for commuting to the office.
Medical and online educational activities

Allowed to conduct online activities for all educational services including teaching, training and coaching.
MNREGA work, irrigation and water conservation a priority. Workers have to use facemask and follow social distance.
Supply of oil and gas, electricity, postal services, water, sanitation, waste management, telecommunications and internet services will be allowed.
Hospitals, nursing homes, telemedicine facilities, drug and medical equipment shops and dispensaries.
Allowing the movement of all medical personnel, scientists, nurses, para medical staff, lab technicians, including doctors.
Registration of migrant laborers required

Migrant laborers must register with the local authority so that they can be given work according to their skills.
If a group of migrant laborers wants to return to their place of work, it will be sent to the place of work only after investigation.
It is necessary to follow social distance while traveling by bus. The buses through which they will be transported will have to be sanitized.
The guidelines issued on 15 April need to be strictly followed.
It will be the responsibility of the local administration to provide food and water to the laborers during their visit.
Farmers strengthen farming, crop sales and animal husbandry
Sanction of work done in the field, permission for the functioning of agencies related to procurement of crops.
Farming machinery shops, related centers, fertilizers and seeds.
Permission of APMC mandis. Direct buying and selling of products, harvesting and sowing of seeds.
Fish farming, fish processing and sale, fishery and commercial fisheries.
Only 50 per cent workers are allowed to plant tea, coffee and rubber plantations.
Work like animal husbandry, sale and distribution of milk and milk products, arranging shelter for animals.
Banks, ATMs to be opened, support for elderly and disabled

Financial Sector: RBI and RBI controlled financial markets and IT related personnel will be exempted for assets, bank, ATM and banking operations. SEBI and capital and loan market services as well as IRDAI and insurance companies have been allowed to operate.
Social sector: There will be relaxation in activities for children, differently abled, elderly, including home care centers and care homes. Social security such as pension, payment of PF by EPFO ​​and Anganwadi will be exempt from the ban.
commercial Services
Print and electronic media are exempted. In addition, IT services have been allowed to operate with 50 per cent employee capacity.
Data and call centers have also been allowed for government activities. The functioning of common facilities at the panchayat level is exempted.
E-commerce companies, courier services, cold storage and warehouses have also been approved.
Discounts for personal security and facility management services, hotel and hospitality services.
Exemption for self-employed people to build quarantine facilities and electricians, plumbers etc.
Exemption to SEZs and Export Units

Industrial units operating in rural areas will get clearances, special economic zones and export oriented units, industrial areas and industrial settlements will get exemption.
Permission granted to companies or factories producing essential services, also to food processing units and jute factories. Approval for coal and mineral production as well as oil and gas refinery.
It has also been approved to run brick kilns in the villages. Construction works including roads, irrigation projects, renewable energy projects and construction projects in municipal corporations.
These will be banned
Stopping trips, hotels, cinema halls, malls.
The hotspots, only the state, union territory or district administration, will mark the infected areas.

After relaxation of lockdown restrictions, these things will get relaxation and they will remain restricted, see list

After relaxation of lockdown restrictions, these things will get relaxation and they will remain restricted, see list
Maharashtra is the most affected state in India due to the spread of Corona virus (indicative photo, Reuters)
new Delhi. Restrictions during the nationwide lockdown on economic activities and services are to be relaxed from Monday. However, during this period, all the activities will continue to be banned in the areas of the states which have been declared as Containment Zone.

The Central Government has already issued detailed guidelines for this Phase-2 of Lockdown. This second round of lockdown is to end on May 3, but during this time some rules have been changed, while some states have decided to lift these restrictions in their own way.

If Kerala gives exemption, Punjab-Delhi said- Ban will continue

While Kerala is considering ending several restrictions, Delhi and Punjab have announced that the sanctions will remain in force even after the relief and waiver which comes into effect from Monday.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the national capital will remain in lockdown as there are 12% cases of the entire country. However, the government will reconsider the situation after a week.

After this, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has also said that curfew will not be relaxed except procurement of wheat in the state. The situation will be reevaluated later.

Kerala issued instructions to give exemption in a systematic way

At the same time, the Kerala government has issued a directive to give relaxation in restrictions in the state. In which it has been said that Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikode and Mallapuram districts falling in the 'Red Zone' will be kept under strict lockdown. In other districts, there will be relaxation to run on the basis of odd-even scheme. Restaurants will also be open till 7 pm and there will be a facility to take food from there till 8 pm.

However, the central government has announced that despite the many reliefs and exemptions from Monday, the supply of non-essential e-commerce products will remain restricted for the time being. This announcement was made after many questions raised by the opposition and businessmen on this decision of the government.

Here is the list of facilities, services and restrictions, which have been allowed since Monday-

These things will remain restricted-

- All domestic and international passenger aircraft services

- All services of passenger train, except for operations for security arrangements

- Buses for public transport

- Metro Rail Services

- Movement of people between districts and states except for medical reasons (which are allowed in the instructions)

- All teaching, training and coaching institutes will remain closed

- All industrial and commercial activities except those permitted in the instructions

- All hotels except the discount given in the instructions

- Taxis, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws and all kinds of cabs

All cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars and auditoriums and assembly halls and all such places

- A social, political, sports related, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious festival and other gatherings.

- All religious places, places of worship will be closed to the public. Religious gatherings banned completely

- No group of more than 20 people will be allowed in the funeral

There will be no discount for hotspots

In areas that have been identified as hotspots or COVID-19 large-scale clusters, none of the new directives will be implemented according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health. Here only the supply of essential services for everyday needs will continue.

These works, including the Co-operative Credit Society, got exemption

Cooperative credit societies and non-banking financial institutions coming to rural areas have also been allowed to operate with minimum staff. Apart from this, the government has also clarified that construction works in rural areas will be exempted from April 20. At the same time, projects and activities related to water supply, electricity and communications in rural have also been exempted from lockdown.

The government has exempted the transactions of bamboo, coconut, betel nut, cocoa and spices from cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, sale as well as lockdown.

These services and shops will start tomorrow

- Fruit-vegetable carts, shops selling sanitary items.

- Grocery and ration shops.

- Dairy and milk booths, shops selling poultry, meat, fish and feed.